Curso - Taller Diseño Arquitectónico Asistido por Computadora (DAAC) dictado en el Laboratorio de Técnicas Avanzadas en Diseño (LTAD) de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (FAU) de la Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

13 noviembre 2009

Virtual Insanity: VR Treadmill Goes In Every Direction | Gajitz

Gracias a Adrián Bonet por la referencia vía ALFA-L ;-)

"Decades ago, we all thought that virtual reality would be the next big thing. We envisioned big VR helmets and endless worlds that we could adventure through forever where all of our senses would be engaged. There were some problems with our conception of VR, though, and it fell out of our collective future, mostly because of cost and technology constraints.
But quietly, in the background, companies are still developing virtual reality technology. Just a few years ago, Sony filed a patent for technology that would allow a virtual world, complete with sounds and smells, to be projected directly into the brain. And a European research project called Cyberwalk is working on another challenging aspect of the VR environment: locomotion."

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